Gary Neville: Manchester United evolution more important than Premier League finish


Gary Neville: Manchester United evolution more important than Premier League finish

Gary Neville believes Manchester United under Gunnar Solskjaer’s growth needs to be more significant than their Premier League end this season.
It has been an up and down start to the season for Man Utd, who started with a 4-0 thrashing of Chelsea, before pulls against Southampton and Wolves sandwiched a shock home loss to Crystal Palace.
Nevertheless, they return to manner past weekend, beating at Leicester 1-0 at Old Trafford, also Sky Sports pundit Neville believes Gunnar Solskjaer is transferring Man Utd down the path that was right.
«I think that is the one thing concerning this United team this season, there is no doubt they all look to be facing in the right way,» he said on Monday Night Football.
«A big debating line between Manchester United fans now in time is if what’s happening today is lowering expectations in the sense they’ve not gone huge in the transfer market in terms of internet spend. There is a feeling that they have lost Marouane Fellaini Ander Herrera and Romelu Lukaku and yet they’ve signed three players who are young and advancing.
«There is a sense they gone backwards and just spent #60m to 70m net. From this perspective, there’s a feeling they need to have bought another center and another midfielder since the midfield is weak.
«I applaud what Manchester United’ve done this summer in a sense as they have made big mistakes. I have been critical of these paying on the best for ageing players, they’ve responded to other groups looking like their signing players and fear purchased. They’ve got to stop that, therefore there needs to be a strategy and a plan – there has not been in the club for the previous seven years.
«What it looks like today is that they’ve gone to a plan of signing emerging British players, attracting academy players through and identifying global talent. At this moment at time, United’s average age has return to 24, there are just eight academy players in the group, but there is a sense among some Manchester United fans this isn’t good enough and that expectations are being reduced.
«I really think United have taken a step backward but a step in the ideal direction to proceed because enough is enough of all of these 30-year-old players arriving, not suiting the style. They have got to prevent that because it’s not worked for the club.
«What I’m saying is they’ve changed direction. Whether you want it or I like, it is a reversal of direction. In Harry Maguire Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, they have got players who have hopefully got a long time at Manchester United for the next 10 years. The three of them have started.
«There is a sense that Manchester United have young players are they good enough are they not? I look at the players in the team against Leicester and there’s Wan-Bissaka, Perreira, McTominay, James and Rashford. I say to myself are they good ? At this moment in time, no. They’ve still got to prove themselves. They seem promising and they’re functioning at their highest in every single match.
«Top four and winning a trophy would be a successful season. That’s where Manchester United are in. That is unacceptable regarding where United should be, but they’re incapable – after seven or six years – of going from fifth, sixth or seventh in to first. They are nowhere near that at this minute in time.
«They will need to get three or four good transfer windows. The most crucial thing in the window n’t only added two or three players of the right sort, it made sure they did not make any errors. I do not think they’ve done that. I think Man Utd this year will be stronger with Fellaini, Herrera and Lukaku, however they won’t be because these players will never get Man Utd.
«Obviously, Man Utd have to win the Premier League title. That needs to be the barometer and should not alter, but you can not go out of not liking the group with soccer to winning the team. There is a step in the center of acquiring soccer, liking the group and them you are able to start moving upward.
«There were obvious examples. Everyone in the club might see that he was to the path, although jurgen Klopp in Liverpool, he achieved Champions League success following four years without a prize. Frank [Lampard] and Ole have to convince fans and their board that they are on the ideal track.
«I think being on the right track this season is more significant than fifth, third or fourth . People have to start enjoying the team »
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