Leonard Floyd is finally ready for a breakout season


Leonard Floyd is finally ready for a breakout season

Playing alongside Khalil Mack didn’t magically jumpstart Leonard Floyd’s statistical prowess, as the Chicago Bears edge rusher compiled a career-low four sacks last year.
The principal issue for Floyd has been health. While he did not miss a game, he coped with a hand injury that hindered his production. When healthy, the former first-round select flashed the capability to take advantage of one third blockers. The goal heading into 2019 would be for Floyd to eventually be a consistent force off the border.
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New outside linebackers coach Ted Monachino believes Floyd»could be unique» as he works on greater counters to flip pressures into sacks.
«As he gets better at a Couple of items, his numbers will go up,» Monachino said, through the Chicago Tribune.» (What) could happen very first would be the powerful rushes, right? He may impact the quarterback. The launch stage may be affected by him. A guy may move . However, the more of the ones that come together, the more effective rushes he’s going to get. The more he’s going to get home and finish. Right now we’re focused on just a couple of matters with Leonard. And it is not because he can not handle more. It is because we want to build his arsenal in a manner that,’That is my go-to, and this really is off the counter of it'»
Floyd believes he’s making strides following two straight seasons with over five sacks. He generated only 35 pressures this past year, per Pro Football Focus, standing 47th among advantage defenders. Floyd believes those amounts can muster today that he finally has a complete, healthful offseason to work on his technique.
«Being violent and only heading out having a mindset of getting to the quarterback,» Floyd said. «I have to sharpen my own tools. It has been very different because I have been able to train and do each the things with no constraints this spring.
«I think I was playing my very best football during the second half of the year after I got over my hands injury. I felt as though I had been playing a lot better and I’m looking forward to this year and only building from this.»
The game film agrees with Floyd, because he flashed down the stretch last year, including a postseason sack. Now the Bears want their former first-round choice to finally break out and disrupt the QB for an whole calendar year.
«If you put him in a phone booth against a big offensive speech, yes, strength and power is a issue,» Monachino said. «But his his explosiveness in a short space, they negate all that other disadvantage. As a power rusher at the peak of the pocket, so I don’t think he is going to have any problem. There are a few things I believe in coaching pass rushers. Pass rush is all about effort and violence. That’s what it’s about. It is about how we finish at the top of the pocket. Because guys don’t run around other players in this league. Players are too great. So we have got to get him very good at how is he likely to clear? And is he going to finish?»
If Floyd becomes a force opposite Mack, the Bears are a menace to QBs. This offseason, Chicago picked up Floyd’s fifth-year option for 2020, values $13.22 million. They’ll happily pay that price if the edge rusher breaks out in 2019.

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